Judges 12: Infighting


The Ephraimites were cranky that Jephthah didn’t ask for their help against the Ammonites. They threatened to kill Japhthah over this slight. So the Gileadites and the Ephraimites went to war. The Gileadites were victorious 40 and 2 thousand Ephraimites were killed. Jephthah judges Israel 6 years, died and was buried. Then Ibzan of Bethelhem judged Israel of 7 years. Elon of Zebulon hydges for 10 year. After him Abdon son of Hillel a Pirathonite judged Israel 8 years.

In other words: 

To secure power, Jephthah had to fight the Ephraimites.

Favorite bit:

Judges 12:3: wherefore then are ye come up unto me this day to fight against me? Once again Jephthah thinks he is being accused unfairly.

Most interesting bit:

Judges 12: 5,6 – there was apparently some confusion on the battlefield. Once it became evident that Gilead was winning the Ephraimites started to pretend they were Gileadites. So the Gileadites asked everyone they met to say “shibboleth” which means the grain of a plant – like the ear of corn – and if they didn’t say it the way the Gileadites said it – they were killed.

2nd most interesting bit:

Even though this chapter glosses over 3 judges of Israel that span a 26 ish year period we are still told about their daughters and sons and what lengths they went to to find wives for their sons and told where they are buried.

Moral lesson learned:

Take the time to learn how to speak “properly.”  (Judges 12:5,6)