Judges 17: Micah gets himself a priest


A man named Micah told his mother that he would get back the 1,100 shekels of silver that had been taken from her as they also belonged to him. Once the money was returned, they gave 200 shekels to a founder to create a graven/molten image for his house. As there were no leaders during this time to tell him otherwise, he also had an ephod and a terraphim (household idol) made and consecrated one of his sons as a priest.  Eventually a Levite from Bethelhem-judah came and Micah convinced him to be his priest and he would pay him 10 shekels of silver each year. Micah was pleased and was convinced God would be too.

In other words:

A man named Micah gets his mom’s money back and hires a priest.

Favorite bit:

Judges 17:4 – even though it’s really clear – no graven or molten images, he makes one anyway.  Yet – he has a house full of gods and his own priest.

2nd favorite bit:

Judges 17:10 – The price of keeping a priest is 10 shekels of silver a year, clothing, food and housing.

Least favorite bit:

Judges 17:13 – Micah makes a graven image – and hires a priest and is just sure God is going to be happy with him. It’s a bit arrogant really.

Moral Lesson Learned:

Money can’t buy you happiness (Judges 17)