1 Samuel 1: Samuel is born


A man has 2 wives. One, Hannah, is barren. They go to the temple in Shiloh every year. Hannah prays to have a son and if she does, promised to give him to the service of God. Eli, the priest sees her praying and thinks she is drunk. She says no, just praying. Eli blesses her. The family returned home and the man knew his wife Hannah and eventually she had a son, who is named Samuel.  The time came again to go to Shiloh, but Hannah stays behind to wean Samuel. When he is weaned, she brings him to Shiloh with an offering of 3 bulls and an ephah of flour. She reintroduces herself to Eli and gives him Samuel.

In other words:

Hannah has a son named Samuel.

Favorite bit:

1 Samuel 1:8 The husband is trying to console Hannah - why weepest thou? Am not I better  to thee than 10 sons?  Apparently not.

2nd favorite bit:

1 Samuel 1:13-17 – where Eli thinks she is drunk and she has to tell him – don’t count me a daughter of Belial, I’m grieving here!

Least favorite bit:

1 Samuel 1:6 – that the other wife bullies and taunts her because she is barren.

What I liked:

That the husband seems really nice. He doesn’t care she isn’t having kids. He genuinely seems to like her.

Moral Lesson Learned:

Always keep your promises (1 Samuel 1)