Judges 20: Israel takes revenge on Benjamin


The children of Israel assembled, 400,000 foot soldiers. They asked the Levite what happened and they all agreed to go to Gibeah to kill the men who killed the concubine. They assembled and asked the Benjamites to hand over the rapists. The Benjamites refused – so war was waged.  The Benjamites assembled 26,000 men. 700 of which were left handers who were lethal with slingshots. First the sons of Judah attacked and Benjamites slew 22,000 men. The next day the Benjamites slew 18,000 men. At this point the people of Israel asked Phineas, son of Eleazor, son of Aaron what to do. He assured them, this time they would win. The Israelites set up an ambush and when the Benjamites came out they fled – then the liers in wait went into the city and burned it. By the time the Benjamites figured out what was happening, the original Israelite army had turned on them and slew 25,100 Benjamites and levelled the city of Gibeah. The stragglers were chased to the mountan Rimmon where they held out for 4 months before being killed.

In other words:

The Israelites go to seek justice for the concubine that was killed and have to kill all the Benjamites and an entire town to do so.

Favorite bit:

That they are going to avenge the death of the concubine.

2nd favorite bit:

That Phineus makes an appearance

Least favorite bit:

That nearly 50,000 people were killed as a result of this.

Moral Lesson Learned:

Don't defend horrible people. (Judges 20)