Ruth 1: We meet Ruth


A woman from Bethlehem-judah named Naomi goes to Moab with her husband Elimelch and their 2 sons. The 2 sons get married to Orpah and Ruth. The husband and the 2 sons die so Naomi makes plans to go back to Bethlehem-judah. The widows of her sons want to come with her – she tells them go back to your families and have happy lifes. No need to stay with me and morn. Orpah goes back but Ruth refuses and stays with Naomi. They return at the beginning of the barley harvest.

In other words:

A moabite named Ruth marries into Naomi’s family and she and Naomi return alone to Bethlehem-judah.

Favorite bit:

That we are given the names of all the women involved in this story. Not only that – they are important. The men, not so much. (Ruth 1:2)

Least favorite bit:

That all the men die and leave the women without support (Ruth 1:3 & 5)

What’s nice:

That Naomi releases both daughter in laws from their obligations.  And, it’s doubly nice that Ruth decides to stay with Naomi anyway. (Ruth1:8-17)

Moral Lesson Learned:

Women need to stick together (Ruth 1)