Ruth 3: Ruth snags Boaz


Naomi tells Ruth to go sleep at the feet of Boaz after he threshes the barley. This she does. When he wakes up to find her there, and asks why she is there, she tells him, are you not my kinsman (in other words, I don’t have a child from my husband, your duty as nearest kinsman is to provide me one).  He is impressed by her piety to the family and that she didn’t go running after young men. He gives her 6 measures of barley and sends her home and tells her – I will do my duty as your nearest kinsman (to give you a child for your late husband) and everyone will know you are a virtuous woman.

In other words:

With Naomi’s help, Ruth convinces Boaz to marry her by asking him to give her a child to be named after her late husband.

Best bit:

That Boaz falls for this (Ruth 3:11)

Least favorite bit:

That the whole thing is a bit manipulative. (Ruth 3:9)

Why I feel conflicted:

What other choice did they have? They were widows with no men to take care of them. Might as well go after the richest guy in town. And he is clearly a really good man who does not take advantage of people.   Plus – my grandmother kind of tricked my grandfather into marrying her and making him think it was his idea, so – despite it being manipulative – I do feel a bit of kinship with these women.

Moral Lesson Learned:

It is possible to get what you want while doing the right and moral thing at the same time (Ruth 3)