The story so far

Here is a quick synopsis of the first 7 books of the Bible.


Adam and Eve begat. Their children begat and eventually we come to Abraham who is the father of the Hebrews who eventually come to live in Egypt.


Moses starts a cult and convinces his followers to leave Egypt with him. They go live in the desert for 40 years surviving on Manna.


Rules are issues. Sacrifices are made. People are killed.


A huge number of religious zealots camp out in the desert and fight amongst themselves for 40 years until they finally decide to go and conquer a neighboring land.


Moses is getting ready to die so we are treated to a recap of his story and his laws.


Joshua, a war monger, takes over. They kill a lot of people, finally settle in Palestine/Israel and then they start fighting amongst themselves.


After Joshua, a series of interesting characters rule over Israel, but mostly they are conquered by other people.