1 Samuel 10: Saul is named King, but not everyone is happy


As Saul goes to leave the city of Zuph, Samuel tells him to expect 3 signs. 1st, two men at Rachel’s sepulchre will tell you the asses are found. 2nd, at the plain of Tabor you will see 3 men going to sacrifice 3 lambs, 3 loaves of bread and some wine. They will give you 2 of the loaves. 3rd, you will come to the hill of God and prophets will descend from the hill and the spirit of the Lord will come over you and you will prophesy with them. This all came to pass. Everyone who knew Saul beforehand asked – is that the son of Kish? Is Saul now also among the prophets. Samuel calls the people together, tells them, you have rejected your God who had saved you of or Egypt and you have requested a king. Here he is. Saul was hiding, so they had to find him. Everyone could see him because he was taller than everyone else. It was written in the book that Saul was king and everyone went home, including Saul who went home to Gibeah. However, the children of Belial weren’t happy – how can this man save us.

In other words:

Saul is announced as king. The children of Belial doubt he can save them.

Favorite bit:

1 Samuel 10:12 – that – is Saul among the prophets became a well known proverb. It obviously isn't any more, but at the time this story was related, it was.

It figures:

1 Samuel 10:27 – that the children of Belial complain. There will always be some people you can’t make happy. They were like the trolls of their day.

 Moral Lesson Learned:

You can’t make everyone happy:  (1 Samuel 10:27)