1 Samuel 9: Saul is chosen


Saul, son of Kish a mighty Benjamite was sent by his father to find some asses that had been lost. He and a servant travelled through Ephraim, Salisha and Zuph but didn’t find them. The servant said – there is a man of God (a seer/prophet) who might be able to tell us. We can give him some silver as a gift. So they went to the city of Zuph and asked some maids where the seer was. They said – he is getting ready for a feast, but if you go now, you should be able to speak to him. So they found him and it was Samuel. Samuel said – I’ve been expecting you. You are to be the new king. Come with me to the feast and I will tell you all about it.

In other words: 

Samuel is told by God to name Saul king.

Favorite bit:

Saul’s dad’s name is Kish. Dunno why I like it. I just do. (1 Samuel 9:1)

2nd favorite bit:

That Samuel was waiting for Saul – as he knew he would be coming. (1 Samuel 9:15)

Interesting bit:

Saul is described, not only as a good man, but higher than any of the people – so he was apparently quite tall – most people’s heads only came up to his shoulders. (1 Samuel 9:2)

Moral Lesson Learned:

Be good and people will think highly of you. (1 Samuel 9)