1 Samuel 20: Jonathon sides with David


David escapes back to Jonathon and tells Jonathon – you dad wants to kill me. Jonathon says nonsense. So David and Jonathon hatch a plan to see if Saul really does want to kill David. David hides for 3 days and if Saul gets mad that David is not at dinner, they will know Saul hates David. When Saul asks Jonathon where David is and Jonathon tells him – he has gone with his family to Bethlehem Saul goes into a rage. I know you have chosen David out of your confusion. As long as David lives, Jonathon cannot be king. So Jonathon meets David at the appointed time. It is clear David has to leave. So David and Jonathon cry and kiss and recommit their souls to each other and their seed through eternity. Then David leaves.

In other words:

Saul wants to kill David, but Jonathon helps him escape.

Favorite bit:

The love affair between David and Jonathon is really beautiful.

Least Favorite bit:

That Saul basically calls his son out as a homosexual during their argument – thus confirming my suspicions in the previous chapter. (1 Samuel 20:30) And yes, it’s kind of sad that young gay men have been facing this sort of anger and violence from their dads for millennia now.

2nd least favorite bit:

There seems to be no purpose to the kid carrying the arrows if Jonathon was going to talk to David directly anyway. (1 Samuel 20:35-40)

Moral Lesson Learned:

  • Stand by the people you love (1 Samuel 20:41)
  • Do what is right, even if it means going against your family’s wishes (1 Samuel 20)