1 Samuel 19: Saul orders David killed


Saul orders his servant and his son to kill David. Jonathon argues on behalf of David and Saul agrees not to kill him. But then another war with the Philistines occurs and once again David slaughtered the Philistines and once again Saul was jealous and ordered David to be killed. Saul tried to kill David with a Javelin while David played the lute. David got away. His wife Michal helped David escape by sending him out the back window and then put a bunch of pillows in David’s bed so that when the soldiers come they think he is sick in bed. David escapes to Ramah with Samuel. Saul sends messengers but all 3 groups end up prophesizing with Samuel. So Saul goes himself and ends up prophesizing naked on the ground for days, which is why people say, Is Saul also among the prophets?

In other words:

Saul wants to kill David but his son and daughter stop him.

Favorite bit:

1 Samuel 19:23,24  where Saul strips naked and lies on the ground, basically in a trance.

2nd favorite bit:

That stuffing a bed with pillows to fake a person being sick in it –is apparently a very old trick (1 Samuel 19:13)

Least favorite bit:

That Saul is really obsessed with killing David.

Moral Lesson Learned:

Jealousy makes people do stupid things. Don’t be jealous. (1 Samuel 19)