1 Samuel 21: David starts life on the run


David goes to the priest Ahimelech and asks for help. The priest is wary, but David tells him he is on secret business for king Saul. So the priest gives him the show bread from the altar and the sword of Goliath. But because a shepherd of Saul was there, David has to move on. He goes to the king of Gath, but he is recognized, so he pretends to be mad, by scrabbling on the door and letting spittle dribble down his beard. The King of Gath says, why have you brought me this madman? David escapes once again.

In other words:

David starts life as fugitive by securing food and Goliath’s sword.

Favorite bit:

That David is able to get Goliath’s sword and some bread by lying and telling a priest – don’t tell anyone – I’m on a secret mission. (1 Samuel 21:2)

2nd favorite bit:

That there are spies working for Saul everywhere (1 Samuel 21:7)

3rd favorite bit:

That David pretends to be a crazy guy – complete with spittle dribbling everywhere to avoid being identified as David (1 Samuel 21:13)

Least favorite bit:

Nothing – I totally love this chapter

Moral Lesson Learned: 

Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do (1 Samuel 21)