1 Samuel 22: Saul kills a bunch of priests


David escapes to a cave and 400 men come to join him. His family also comes to join him. He approaches the king of Moab and asks him to keep his family safe. Gad, the prophet tells David to go to Judah, so he does. Saul becomes super paranoid and accuses everyone of conspiring with David. The shepherd who had seen David with Ahimelech the priest tells Saul of it. So Saul sends for Ahimelech and accuses him of treason for helping David. The priest Ahimelech professes ignorance. How was he supposed to know the king wanted David killed. Saul tells Ahimelech that ignorance is no excuse and orders Ahimelech and all of his family killed. The soldiers refuse to follow orders so the shepherd/spy, who is called Doeg goes and kills all the priest except for Abiathar escapes to David who offers him protection.

In other words:

David gathers supporters and Saul goes on a killing rampage to purge the country of David’s supporter’s.

In other other words:

The war between David and Saul is now on!

Favorite bit:

David is living in a cave. With 400 supporters. (1 Samuel 22:1)

Least favorite bit:

1 Samuel 22:8  - that all of you have conspired against me. Saul basically goes crazy with paranoia and jealousy.

2nd Least Favorite bit:

Obviously, it’s the killing of the priests because Saul didn’t believe them that they really didn’t know (1 Samuel 22:13-15)

Moral Lesson Learned:

Paranoia will destroy ya (1 Samuel 22)