1 Samuel 23: Saul fails once again to kill David


David is called to Keilah to defend the town from an attack by the Philistines. His army now numbers 600. Saul tries to attack him there, but David escapes. Jonathon comes to David and tells him, you will be king and I will be right beside you. Saul’s army pursues David all over and when Saul has David cornered in the wilderness of Maon, Saul is called back to defend Israel from yet another attack by the Philistines.

In other words: 

Saul still wants to kill David and David and Jonathon are still in love.

Favorite bit:

That just when Saul has David cornered, he has to leave and fight the Philistines instead. And David lives to fight another day. (1 Samuel 23:26-28)

2nd favorite bit:

Jonathon pledges his support to David (1 Samuel 23:16,17)

Least favorite bit:

That after saving the town of Keilah – they are willing to turn him over to Saul anyway, so David has to flee.

Moral Lesson Learned:

Don’t leave work unfinished (1 Samuel 23)