1 Samuel 26: David once again does not kill Saul


Saul musters 3,000 men to seek out David and kill him. They camp in a ditch. David goes to the camp and steals Sauls spear and water while he is sleeping. Then goes to a hill out of reach of the army. He wakes everyone up and tells Saul – again, I could have killed you but did not. I am not a sinner, do not try to kill me. Saul apologizes yet again, I won’t try to kill you anymore and Saul returns home.

In other words:

David once again is given a chance to kill Saul and once again does not. Saul once again promises to stop trying to kill David.

Favorite bit:

That David’s army isn’t all Israeli’s, he has Hittites and others serving with him. 1 Samuel 26:6

Least favorite bit:

1 Samuel 26:21 – When Saul once again promises not to kill David. How many times are we going to have to listen to his empty promises.

2nd favorite bit:

That David basically wins this stand off by guilting Saul into admitting that David has done nothing wrong.

Moral Lessons Learned:

  • Sometimes you win by not fighting. (1 Samuel 26)
  • When fighting someone immoral – take the moral high ground and keep it (1 Samuel 26)