1 Samuel 25: Samuel dies


Samuel dies. Everyone is sad. In the meantime, David comes to a shepherd who is shearing his sheep. He sends men out to ask for food and supplies. This man, Nabal, refuses. So David and 400 men arm themselves to kill the household and steal what they need. 200 men are to be left behind to guard, the “stuff.” Nabal’s wife Abigail finds out her husband said no to David and goes out to meet him with food, sheep and wine. She asks David to spare her house and to let God take care of Nabal’s wickedness.  David thanks her for her wisdom and after Nabal finds out about his wife’s giving food and supplies to David and his heart is stricken and he dies 10 days later.  David asks Abigail to be his wife and she brings some maids with her and David ends up with 2 wives. We are told this is ok because his other wife Michel (Saul’s daughter) has been given to someone else anyway.

In other words:

Samuel dies and David gets another 2 wives.

Favorite bit:

Abigail pleading with David. (1 Samuel 25:18-31)

2nd favorite bit:

1 Samuel 25:13 – 400 men gird for battle. 200  “abode by the stuff.”  It just tickles me that this is the wording. Stay by the stuff and guard it.

Rather anti-climactic bit:

Samuel dying. This chapter is named for him, but it’s really the story of Saul and David. Samuel’s death only takes up 1 verse out of 44 and it’s pretty matter of fact. Samuel died and the people of Israel lamented him. (1 Samuel 25:1)

Most interesting bit: 

1 Samuel 25:37,38 – when Nabal finds out what Abigail has done, “his heart died within him and he became as a stone.” 10 days later, he is dead.  Sounds like a heart attack to me.

Least favorite bit:

1 Samuel 25:44 – that Michal, David’s first wife was given away to someone else.  I understand that Saul didn’t like David, but … it’s still not giving women a say in who they are married to.  And, David doesn’t seem to care.

Moral lesson learned:

Don’t be a jerk (1 Samuel 25)