Joshua 14: Caleb talks Joshua into giving him Hebron


This chapter is a discussion about how the land was divided up the way it was. Apparently, there wasn’t enough land to go around which is why the Levites didn’t get any land. It turns out that the children of Joseph had divided into two tribes. They were nice enough to allow the Levites to live among them though. However, Caleb – who was a child of Judah, told Joshua about how Moses has specifically promised him Hebron and as he was still alive to see the time when the city was taken, he should be given it. Joshua agrees.

Best bit:

Joshua 14:10  This is where Caleb tells his story. To paraphrase: The lord has kept me alive for 45 years, ever since Moses promised me this land. 45 years I tell ya!

Moral Lesson:

Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want.
And, a good story with a little bit of guilt never hurts.