Joshua 15: Caleb takes control of his land


This chapter is mostly a description of the exact land that Caleb received. The problem is that some of the cities had not yet been pacified. So he tells his men that whoever smites the town of Kirjathsepher can have his daughter, Achsah, as his wife. A man named Othniel took the city and won Achsah. Achsah asks Caleb if their territory can include the springs. Caleb consents. The rest of the chapter is a listing of the exact cities and towns under Caleb’s control. The big problem is that they were unable to drive out the Jebusites in Jerusalem, but apparently, they made a peace agreement and the children of Judah and the Jebusites lives side by side without any problem.

In other words:

This is a listing of what land was included in Caleb’s grant. And he gave his daughter away.

What I found interesting:

Even though they controlled the land, they still had to subdue certain towns to take over local control.

Best bit:

Again, has to be geography. This first part of this chapter is a land survey description that is quite detailed. So, you can plot this out on a map if you wanted to.

Moral lesson:

In any land deal, make sure your surveys are accurate.
Be nice to the people you conquer.