Joshua 18: The remaining 7 tribes divide up the remaining land


Because the other 7 tribes had not yet asked for their land, Joshua chided them and told them to get going. They were to survey the remaining land, divide it into 7 parts and they would be given out to the tribes in lots. The first lot described went to children of Benjamin.

In other words:

Joshua had to tell the remaining tribes to stop procrastinating and get on with taking control of their lands.

Favorite bit:

That the lots will be decided by casting lots.  That’s what you get for not taking the time to demand the land you want. (Joshua 18: 6)

Favorite quote:

Joshua 18:3 That Joshua has to chastise the remaining tribes to take their land. “How long are ye slack to go to possess the land?”

Moral Lesson:

You snooze you loose.