Joshua 19: The rest of the lots are drawn and divvied out.


First up, the children of Simeon get their lot, but it isn’t big enough so they are given part of the land promised to the children of Judah. So they got their inheritance within the inheritance of another group. Then The children of Zebulun got their lot. Then came the children of Issachar, then the children of Asher. The 6th lot was for the children of Naphtali and finally the children of Dan got theirs. Once all this was done, Joshua took the city of Timnathserah on mount Ephraim and there he built a city and lived.

In other words:

The rest of the land was divided up.

Least favorite bit:

Reading land surveys is really hard. It’s not easy to focus because the place names, while I am sure you could map them are meaningless for the most part.

Favorite bit:

That the children of Judah had to give up some of their land to the children of Simeon. Don’t know why I enjoyed that, but it at least felt like something interesting was happening.

Moral Lesson:

Dividing things up fairly isn’t easy.
Take care of business quickly, don’t let it fester