Joshua 20: Cities of Refuge for the Slayer set aside


God tells Joshua to set aside cities of refuge and then explains what those are. It turns out that cities of refuge are places where if a person accidentally kills someone else, they can find refuge in a city of refuge and not be turned over to an angry mob bent on revenge. Instead, once you are inside of a city of refuge, will be made to stand before the congregation and defend themselves.

In other words:

A system to ensure blood feuds don’t erupt was put into place.

Favorite bit:

It makes sense to provide for a system of trial so that you don’t end up with blood feuds if it turns out that it was an accident.

Least favorite bit:

You can’t go back home until the high priest dies and the new priests don’t want to care for you anymore. (Joshua 20: 6)

Moral Lesson:

Two wrongs don’t make a right.
Don’t take blood revenge for accidents.