Joshua 24: Joshua dies


Joshua calls everyone together and makes them sign a covenant that they will put away the other gods and will serve only the God of Joshua. They all agree, it is written in stone and put under a tree. Joshua dies and they bury him in his city. Joseph’s bones, which had apparently been carried around this whole time are also buried, as is the body of the priest Eleazar.

In other words:

Then Joshua dies and his reign is over. The worshipping of other gods is apparently an ongoing problem.

Favorite bit:

(Joshua 24:2-14) This chapter starts by recounting the entire story starting with Abraham in short form. It’s a really nice recap.

Least favorite bit:

(Joshua 24:19) Be warned, this god is jealous and that he will not forgive you for transgressions. I don’t like obnoxious bullies, even when they are gods.

Most interesting part:

There is still clearly a problem with the Israelites serving and worshipping other gods. Seriously, at this point, if it was clear there were a god of the nature Joshua describes, there would be no question who they worshipped. But there is so the evidence for god must have been just as bad then as it is now. (Joshua 24:23)

Moral Lesson:

You can’t force people to believe as you do. It’s just not going to happen. Not even if you threaten them with hellfire, literally.