Genesis 11: It’s all Babel to me


People decide to build a tower to heaven using bricks. God comes down, takes one look and says, no, this will not do. If we allow them to continue, there will be nothing they can’t do.  So God scatters the people all over the earth and makes them speak different languages so they can’t collaborate anymore. In the meantime, we are told Shem’s family lineage leading to Abram. They decided to settle in Canaan.

In other words:

God is apparently threatened by humans becoming technically advanced, so he puts a stop to it. And for some reason, this is related to Abram’s family lineage from Shem, who was one of Noah’s sons.

Most annoying bit:

That god was concerned that humans would be able to accomplish anything they imagined. Talk about insecure. (Genesis 11: 6)

Favorite bit:

(Genesis 11: 5) That the Lord had to come down to see the city and the tower that was being built in person for Himself. I know I shouldn’t take joy in the idea that this God isn’t omniscient, but I do.

Moral Lesson:

Don’t let a petty person get between you and your dreams. (Genesis 11:1-8)