Genesis 8: Land Ahoy!


After 150 days aboard the ship, the ark lands on Mt. Ararat. It takes 7 days before Noah lets loose a raven and a dove. Eventually one comes back with an olive branch in it’s mouth, which means it found dry land somewhere, but which also means that the flood didn’t destroy everything as we had been told it would.  Noah and his family disembark, taking all the animals with them. One of each of the clean animals (of where there were 7, so they had one to spare) and one of each of the birds (again, if you have 7 you can spare one) were sacrificed to God. God so loved the smell of the burning flesh that he resolved never to cause such a catastrophe again.

In other words:

They finally find land, get off and cook up some of the animals and this apparently makes God really happy.

Creepiest bit:

Genesis 8: 21 – God apparently REALLY likes the smell of burning flesh.

Most interesting bit:

An altar must be some sort of bbq – a place where you can burn and cook an animal. (Genesis 8: 20)

Favorite bit:

Genesis 8:11 – lo in the mouth of the dove was an olive leaf.  In the previous chapter we had been told that every living thing had been destroyed. Apparently, this didn’t include the plants.

Moral Lesson:

Treat people nice and they will treat you nice (Genesis 8:21,22)