Genesis 23: Sarah dies and is buried


Sarah dies at the ripe of age of 127. Abraham negotiates to buy a plot of land from Ephron a Hittite living among the children of Heth. Again, there is a negotiation, the cost ends up being 400 shekels of silver. A land survey appears to have been carried out and Sarah is buried in a cave  in a field that is officially owned by Abraham near the land of Mamre where they have been living.

In other words:

Sarah dies and is buried.

 Favorite bit:

The coyness with which these negotiations to purchase land occur. (Genesis 23: 3-16)

Most interesting bit:

That the burial needs to be in a cave. (Genesis 23:19)

Moral Lesson Learned:

Be polite, honest and fair when negotiating a deal (Genesis 23:3-16)