Genesis 24: A wife is found for Isaac


Abraham asks his head servant to go find a wife for his son Isaac but go to his brothers and make sure the wife is a relative. The servant does this and goes to the city of Nahor in Mesopotamia and is lucky enough to meet the destined girl straight away. She is from the family of Nahor, who is the brother of Abraham. He tells them that he is there to get a wife for Isaac and he wants to take Nahor’s granddaugher Rebekah as Isaac’s wife. This is agreed to  but they want to wait a week or so before sending her away. The servant says no, and Rebekah agrees to go right away. Isaac is meditating in a field when he sees the servant return with Rebekah he falls in love instantly.  Isaac takes Rebekah into his mother’s tent and has Rebekah and so she becomes his wife.

In other words:

A servant gets a wife for Isaac.

What’s Most Annoying

We are told of how the wife is found three times. Seriously – first, the servant goes to the well and makes a deal with god, please let the first woman I see be a relative of Abraham and let her be the one Isaac should marry. It is, so he then tells the exact same thing about making the deal with god to her brother. Her brother takes him home and he once again tells the family about the deal he made with god and how it turned out that it was Rebekah so it must have been ordained. It’s incredibly redundant. Seriously there are 67 verses in this chapter and it probably only needed about 25.

Moral Lesson learned:

Meditation is a good thing to do (Genesis 24: 63)
Sometimes you get lucky (Genesis24:14-50)