Genesis 25: Abraham dies and Isaac has twins (sort of)


Abraham gets married again and has 6 kids with her. But he gives all his land and property to his son Isaac and sends the other kids away. He dies at the ripe old age of 175 years and is buried by Ishmael and Isaac in the cave near Mamre with his wife. God takes on Isaac as his new favorite human. In the meantime  Ishmael has 12 kids. He dies at 137 and his kids become princes and own castles and live in the area between Egypt and Assyria.  Getting back to Isaac, Rebekah has trouble conceiving, so Isaac asks God to help. He does and Rebekah carries twins. One comes out hairy and red and is a good hunter named Esau. The other is plainer and lives in tents and sows pottage and is named Jacob.  Isaac loves Esau best because he loves venison. Rebekah loves Jacob best. Esau comes in feeling faint and near death and asks Jacob for some pottage (lentils) and Jacob says yes, on one condition. You must give me your birthright. Esau agrees, and Jacob, though born second is now the heir to Isaac, though Isaac doesn’t know this.

In other words:

Abraham dies. Ishmael’s family is huge and they become princes in another land, Isaac has twins and there is some conflict about who will be Isaac’s heir.

Favorite bit:

Jacob talks Esau out of his inheritance for a bowl of beans.  (Genesis 25:32)

Most annoying bit:

Family lineages as stated in the Bible are so hard to follow. I understand why they are there, but they are really hard to read and keep track of. I find I have to go back and relook at them though because we keep coming back to them.

Moral Lesson Learned:

Don’t worry about keeping up with the Joneses. Just get on with your life, like Ishmael did (Genesis 25:16)