Genesis 39: Joseph is sent to prison


Joseph is successful as a slave and is made overseer of the house of the Egyptian captain.  Joseph was well liked and honest. The captain’s wife took a fancy to him but he refuses her advances. She kept at him and he kept refusing her. One day he found her alone and she tore off his garment. He fled. She called the other men of the house and claimed that Joseph had tried to rape her. That she had his clothes was proof of this. The captain was furious when he learned about this and sent him to the king’s prison. The prison keeper liked Joseph and put him in charge of all the prisoners.

In other words:

Joseph is a good person and his master’s house flourishes under him. The captain’s wife tries to seduce him but is rebuffed, so she charges him with rape and he is sent to prison.

Favorite bit:

(Genesis 39: 7-13) The failed attempts at seduction by the captain’s wife.

What’s Interesting:

We finally have a story that really does center upon what is moral and what is not.

Moral Lesson learned:

  • Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned (Genesis 39: 14-17)
  • Some people are not just dishonest, but obnoxiously so (Genesis 39: 14 – 19)
  • You can do everything right and still fall upon misfortune (Genesis 39: 14)
  • Be good despite it all and you will not only feel better about yourself, other people will recognize your goodness as well – despite your ill fortunes (Genesis 39: 23)