Genesis 40: Dream Interpretation


The Pharoah’s baker and butler are sent to prison and Joseph is put in charge of them. The baker and the butler each dream and dream and are sad. Joseph offers to interpret the dreams. He tells the buttler will be restored to Pharoah’s good graces and that when he is, to please mention him because he (Joseph) has also been imprisoned unjustly. The baker, on the other hand, is told that he is going to be hanged. And that’s exactly what happens. The baker is hanged, the butler is restored, but he forgets all about Joseph.

In other words:

It turns out that Joseph is excellent at dream interpretation

Favorite bit:

(Genesis 40:19) The baker’s dream interpretation: within 3 days, Pharaoh shall take off your head, hand you from a tree and your flesh shall be eaten by birds. Rather ghastly really. but I like that Joseph doesn’t mince words. He calls it like he sees it.

Moral Lesson Learned:

Honesty is the best policy (Genesis 40:19)