Exodus 26: God has gaudy taste


This chapter describes what the tabernacle will look like. In great details. The curtains will be of blue, purple and scarlet alternating and sewn together. The edges shall have blue loops . The loops attach to gold taches attached to the poles holding up the tabernacle.  The outside of the tabernacle is covered in goats hair and attacked with brass rings. The tent shall be of rams skin dyed red. The top is made of badger skin. Outside of this are slats of wood that cover the entire thing, but they couple together to make a structure that can be taken apart and moved as necessary. This thing is going to be mobile. The boards will be overlayed in gold. Inside, they are to make a veil of blue, purple and scarlet cloth with cherubs on them. Inside this veil is where the sanctuary is with the ark, the table, the mercy seat and the incredibly expensive candle holders ordered in the previous chapter. There is a hanging door of the tent, again, made of blue, purple and scarlet cloth. Everything is held up by gold covered wood and rings made of pure gold.

In other words:

God orders a portable tabernacle to be built. It is blue, scarlet and purple and incredibly gaudy and beautiful at the same time.

My favorite bit:

That this chapter includes so much detail I could actually envision it. I was so inspired I actually drew a picture of what I understood this thing to look like – well, the inside of it anyway.

Question unanswered:

What is shittim wood?  No one seems to know but everything is going to be made of it – so it must be pretty good wood.

Moral Lesson Learned:

Don’t be afraid to be colorful (Exodus 26)