Exodus 27: God orders a wooden altar and courtyard for his tabernacle


God asks Moses to build an altar made of shittim wood, but covered in brass (presumably so it won’t burn). All the vessels, fleshhooks, pans, shovels and so forth are to be made of brass. The rest of the chapter details the courtyard that is to surround the tabernacle. There are to be pillars in the courtyard made of silver. Pure olive oil is needed to burn at all times in the tabernacle and Aaron and his sons are in charge of this for eternity.

In other words:

God has a wooden altar built covered in brass and he orders them to build a nice courtyard.

Favorite bit:

The pillars in the courtyard. I’m kind of partial to silver. They sound nice.

Least favorite bit:

The altar and this obsession with blood.

Most annoying bit:

That He needs olive oil burned at all times for eternity.

Moral Lesson Learned:

Don’t join cults, they make absurd unreasonable demands on you (Exodus 27)