Exodus 28: Clothes for Aaron


God apparently only really likes Aaron, this may go back to Moses being a bit whiny back at the beginning. Anyway, we are treated to a couple of pages of detail about the clothes God wants Aaron to wear when he ministers to God’s need inside the tabernacle. The robes are blue, the ephod is gold, names of the tribes of Israel are inscribed on stones on the shoulders and so on. These clothes include breeches so that they won’t be naked underneath the robes, because that would be bad. Only Aaron and his seed are allowed inside the tabernacle.

In other words:

God plays favorites and only really wants to deal with Aaron and his sons. Oh, and he doesn’t like penises.

What has me thinking:

Is this god a woman? Why exactly does this god not only need a bunch of blood but it is also obsessed with not seeing penises, even if they are under clothes. It’s a bit wierd.

Favorite bit:

The description of Aaron’s robes are so details, again, I felt compelled to draw them so I could have a better sense of what exactly he would look like. I didn’t draw the bonnet though, but I suppose that’s why miters are so popular.

Moral Lesson:

There doesn’t appear to be one.