Leviticus 2: Rules for Offering Bread


If you offer flour – you must also offer oil and frankincense.  A portion of this will be burned by the priests.  Any baked bread must be unleavened and made with fine flour and oil. Same rule applies if the bread is baked in a pan or in an oven. All bread offerings must include salt. A portion of bread will be burnt, the rest is the property of the priests. Raw grains can be offered as long as they are dried. This is treated the same way as an offering of flour and you must include oil and frankincense.

In other words: 

You may offer bread as an offering, but it must be unleavened and include salt.

Favorite bit:

That “meat” offerings are actually offerings of flour goods.

Most interesting bit:

That you aren’t allowed to burn leavened bread or bread made with honey.

Moral Lesson Learned:

Don’t forget to put salt in your bread. (Leviticus 2)