Numbers 36: The Daughters of Zelophehad are a problem


The chiefs of Gilead, who are of the Mannaseh tribe are concerned that the daughters of Zelophehad, because they are being given an inheritance, might marry outside the tribe and then their inheritance would belong to their husbands of a different tribe and this would be a problem at the time of the Jubilee when they could then come and claim their lands. Moses agrees this is a problem so all the daughters are married to their father’s brother’s sons so that they land will stay within the tribe.

In other words:

The women who had been given inheritance from Moses for lack of any brothers, have it taken away from them through forced marriage.

Favorite bit:


Least favorite bit:

Women owning land was such a problem that even then, the men of the tribe maneuvered to have it taken away.

Moral Lesson Learned:

Rights are never secure. You have to keep fighting for them or they will be taken away (Numbers 36)