Genesis 1: The world is created


Day 1: God makes heaven and earth, except that this isn’t apparently so, because the earth is still without form and he apparently has to remake heaven on the 2nd day. Regardless, he makes light and he calls it day and the darkness is called night.
Day 2: He creates a firmament between the waters of the void. So, there is water below the firmament and water above the firmament.  He calls the firmament Heaven. Again, not sure if this is the heaven from day one or a different heaven.
Day 3: The waters below the heaven/firmament created on the second day is now gathered together and dry land is created. This is called earth. Earth is populated by plants.
Day 4:  God creates light in the firmament of heaven to guide the seasons and changes of time, He creates two great lights, the sun and the moon to rule over the day and the night respectively.
Day 5: God starts populating the oceans of earth with sea life, whales and stuff. Birds are created to fly over the earth in the sky. Birds and sea creatures are told to go forth and multiply.
Day 6: Land animals are created. God also creates man in their image and gives them dominion over the animals of the earth.  He creates both male and female humans and tells them to go forth and multiply. You have everything you need from me.

In other words:

Poof- our solar system has come into existence and our planet is formed and is populated with life and humans come into existence. I say solar system because there is clearly another heaven that is created in Genesis 1:1) and it isn’t the same heaven as in Genesis 1:8

Unanswered question:

(Genesis 1:7) What happened to the waters above the firmament/heaven? There is clearly something above heaven, we aren’t told what that becomes, if it becomes anything and it isn’t mentioned again.

Most confusing bit:

The light and the dark (ie the day and the night) created in Genesis 1:4 is not the day and night that is created by our rotation around the sun because our sun isn’t created until Genesis 1:16. Perhaps I am just too scientifically minded, but this didn’t make any sense. Wouldn’t the light be the sun/star? If so, wasn’t the sun created before the earth – that would make more sense and be technically more accurate. This doesn’t even work as a metaphor for me.

Favorite bit:

Genesis 1:26 God creates man in our image and our likeness. I like this because it implies multiple gods, and not a singular god. Honestly, when reading Genesis 1 it’s hard not to consider that the ancient alien theory might have some merit. Because then, the creation of the universe and another star system where the “gods” live would make a bit more sense (Genesis 1:1) and the idea that the creation of our heaven and earth comes later would fit and then the gods terraform our planet and populate it with basically themselves. It’s a stretch, but honestly, this chapter is a bit confusing.

Moral Lesson:

Light is good (Genesis 1:4)
In order to live and thrive you need a complete and healthy ecosystem (Genesis 1: 29,30)