Exodus 40: It all comes together


Moses sets up the tabernacle, altar and everything else God had asked for. Aaron is washed and dressed. He and Aaron and Aaron’s sons go into the tabernacle and cleanse themselves again.  Once everything is set up as per God’s wishes, A cloud descends on the tabernacle. Moses is not allowed to go in when that happens. When the cloud is not there, the Israelites can go on their journey. When the cloud is in the tabernacle they have to stay put until the cloud is lifted.

In other words:

The tabernacle is finished and is set up.

What’s interesting:

(Exodus 40:34-38) The whole cloud covering the tabernacle thing is really interesting. Presumably, when God was present, they had to stay and tend to Him. When he wasn’t about, they were free to continue on their journey. This state of affairs apparently lasts throughout their entire journey.

Favorite bit:

(Exodus 40:33) So Moses finished the work.

Moral Lesson Learned:

Be organized, everything has a place (Exodus 40)